Solo Music Videos:

Boy Meets Evil (Sep 22, 2016)

Daydream (Mar 1, 2018)

Airplane (Mar 6, 2018)

Featured In:

Jo Kwon – Animal

J-Hope is the Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, and Sub Vocal of South Korean Boy Group BTS under Big Hit Entertainment.

Before joining BTS, J-Hope joined a dance crew called “Neuron” in his hometown.

Because of his love for dance, he auditioned for JYP Entertainment and passed a few rounds but he eventually got cut.

After getting cut from JYP Entertainment, J-Hope decided to audition for Big Hit Entertainment, where he became a full time trainee.

J-Hope actually left Big Hit Entertainment/BTS pre-debut. He decided to comeback because he trusted his fellow members and the other members said the group wasn’t the same without him.

On March 1, 2018, J-Hope released his first mixtape, Hope World.

Fun Facts:

Birthname: Jung Ho Seok

Birthday: February 18, 1994 

Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea

Blood Type: A

Height: 5’10” (177cm)

Siblings: An older sister

Languages: Korean, Japanese, and basic English

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Color: Green

3 requirements for J-Hope’s happiness: Family, Health, and Love.

J-Hope’s catchphrase is ” I’m your hope, You’re my hope, I’m J-hope! “

His Motto is, “If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good results.”

During his elementary scool years, J-Hope was a tennis player and even played in competitions.

J-Hope is the only member of BTS who doesn’t have any ear piercings. 

J-Hope’s BT21 Character – Mang: