Son Na-eun


Music Video Appearances:

Beast/Highlight – Beautiful

Beast/Highlight – Shock

Beast/Highlight – Breath

Beast/Highlight – I Like You The Best

Psy – New Face

Victon – I’m Fine

Speed – It’s Over (Drama Ver)

Speed – That’s My Fault (Drama Ver)

Son Naeun:

Actress, singer, and song writer; Naeun is the sub-vocal, center, lead dancer, and visual of girl group Apink from Play M Entertainment.

Naeun was the first Apink member to be announced in 2011.

Naeun attended Dongguk University’s Department of Theatre and Film as an acting major and was chosen as an ambassador for the school along with Girl’s Generation Yoona.

In 2012, Naeun made her acting debut in the historical drama The Great Seer.

Naeun co-wrote the song “Cliche” with Chorong for the album Dear, in 2016

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Fun Facts:

Birthday: February 10, 1994 

Blood Type: B

Sibling(s): 1 younger sister – Son Sae-eun who is a professional golfer.

Specialty:  Art

Languages: Korean and Chinese

Favorite Number:  1

Favorite Color: Black and Burgundy

She used to be a JYP trainee

Naeun became a brand ambassador for Adidas after leggings identical to the ones she wore in Apink’s dance practice videos were sold out. The Adidas pants were coined “Son Naeun leggings”

Naeun was on the show “We Got Married” as Shinee’s Taemin, where she revealed that her English name is Marcella.

Na-eun’s acting career:

The Great Seer:

The story set in the late Goryeo Dynasty in which a group of Feng Shui advisers to the government authorities help the hero Lee Sung Gye become the first king of the Joseon Dynasty. Naeun plays the role of young teenage Hae-in, who is a healer.

Childless Comfort:

Childless Comfort follows the trials and tribulations of 3 generations of the Ahn family when their eldest grand daughter becomes a single mother. Naeun plays a supporting role of Oh Soo-mi.

Second 20s:

Ha No-ra dreamed but being a dancer but she suddenly became pregnant. She quit school and got married and dedicated her life to being a housewife and mother. Now at 38 years old, No-ra is diagnosed with cancer so she decides to go to college. Naeun plays the role of Oh Hye-mi, the girlfriend of Ha No-ra’s son.

Cinderella with Four Knights:

This drama revolves around a bright college student named Eun Ha Won,who gets abused by her stepmother after her father passes away in a tragic accident. One day after helping an old man in need, Eun Ha Won gets an opportunity to move into a mansion where 3 handsome cousins and heirs of the Kang family live. Naeun plays the role of  Park Hye-ji, a fashion design major with a major crush on one of the Kang cousins.

The Most Beautiful Goodbye:

A hard working mother prepares to say goodbye after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. This diagnosis brings the whole family together for the first time, to support her in her time of need. Naeun plays the role of the mother’s son’s love interest.