Welcome to the world of Kpop music

Get to know the popular groups and performers making the magic in South Korea! Check out long time favorite Apink. They are our featured artists of the month.

We went to see the Blackpink show in Gwinnett (Atlanta) recently. It was an awesome show. People were lining up early in the morning and buying merch for the group. It was amazing to see the wide range of people in the crowd and everyone wearing Blackpink shirts. 

There were even Kia Blackpink branded cars on display!

We recently went to see Monsta X at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta. It was an awesome show that was no-stop screams from the crowd. The group was also on Jimmy Kimmel and Good  orning America that week.

The blackpink car
The Blackpink car at their concert in gwinnett
Blackpink in Gwinnett
Blackpink outside their concert in Gwinnett